Established October 24, 2001
Amended October 25, 2009
Amended February 2, 2014

Massachusetts Interscholastic Soccer Officials Association
Constitution And Bylaws


The name of the association shall be "The Massachusetts Interscholastic Soccer Officials Association", hereafter referred to as the M.I.S.O.A.


The purpose of the association is:

SECTION 1 - To promote, develop, and improve the game of interscholastic soccer on the state level.

SECTION 2 - To collaborate with soccer associations, coaches, officials, and other organizations in all matters pertaining to the advancement of soccer.

SECTION 3 - To unite, in one organization, the representatives of local Boards/Associations within the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

SECTION 4 - To promote and maintain the highest degree of soccer officiating by following a standard set of mechanics, uniform interpretation, and a consistent administration of the rules of soccer as set forth by the National Federation of State High School Associations (N.F.H.S.) and the Massachusetts Interscholastic Athletic Association (M.I.A.A.).

SECTION 5 - To be the representative of all local Boards/Associations in Massachusetts in dealing with the M.I.A.A. on soccer.


SECTION 1 - Membership in the M.I.S.O.A. Executive Board shall consist of two representatives of each member local Board/Association. Each local Board/Association shall designate their representatives.

SECTION 2 - Each member local Board/Association shall have 1 vote in the conduct of M.I.S.O.A. business and shall be by one of the designated local Board/Association representatives serving on the M.I.S.O.A. Executive Board or a designated proxy.

SECTION 3 - If any new Board/Association is formed in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, the M.I.S.O.A. shall extend to that new Board/Association an invitation to join the M.I.S.O.A.

SECTION 4 - Reciprocity agreement between the seven local soccer Boards/Associations. Any individual who is a member in good standing of one of the seven recognized member soccer officials associations that constitute the local Boards/Associations of the M.I.S.O.A. will be officially recognized (not required to pay additional dues) by each member Board/Association for the purposes of 1) attendance at mandatory interpretation meetings, 2) assignment to interscholastic soccer games served by an adjacent member Board/Association, and 3) participation and successful completion of member Board/Association clinics and written examinations required for membership. It is understood that any portion of the clinic fee that includes dues will be remitted to the receiving member Board/Association by the Secretary‑Treasurer along with transfer documentation.


SECTION 1 - Each member local Board/Association shall pay annual dues of $100.


SECTION 1 - The officers shall consist of the President, the Vice President, and the Secretary‑Treasurer. Officers shall serve a two‑year term. These officers shall be elected by the M.I.S.O.A. Executive Board (one vote per member local Board/Association) at its first meeting of the year in even‑numbered years. Any vacancy occurring during the year shall be filled at the first M.I.S.O.A. meeting thereafter by a vote of the Executive Board.

SECTION 2 - The President shall preside at all meetings, shall make any necessary committee appointments, shall be a member ex‑officio of all committees, and shall be the official representative of the M.I.S.O.A. unless otherwise stipulated in this Constituiton and Bylaws. The Vice President shall act in the absence of the President.

SECTION 3 - The Secretary‑Treasurer shall be the legal custodian of all records. He/she shall conduct all correspondence, shall send out notices of all meetings and record the minutes of meetings, and shall be responsible for all public relations. He/she shall receive and distribute all monies of the M.I.S.O.A. in accordance with the direction of the Executive Board of the M.I.S.O.A. He/she shall submit an annual financial statement to the representatives of the M.I.S.O.A. for examination and approval at the end of each fiscal year.

SECTION 4 - A State Interpreter to represent M.I.S.O.A. at M.I.A.A. meetings will be appointed by the M.I.S.O.A. Executive Board. The State Interpreter also serves as the game officials representative to the soccer committee of M.I.A.A. The State Interpreter maintains contact with M.I.A.A. and N.F.H.S. The State Interpreter provide rules interpretations to the M.I.S.O.A., member local Boards/Associations and their interpreters, the M.I.A.A., and soccer officials.

SECTION 5 - Upon expiration of term or upon leaving the position, each officer and committee chairman shall turn over to their successor all records and other property of the M.I.S.O.A. in his/her possession.

SECTION 6 - Officers and other representatives to the M.I.S.O.A. may receive remuneration or approved expenses by local Boards/Associations.


SECTION 1 - The decisions of the M.I.S.O.A. in matters of rule interpretations and mechanics shall be consistently applied by all member local Boards/Associations. In all other matters, the M.I.S.O.A. will make recommendations in the interest of uniformity.

SECTION 2 - The M.I.S.O.A. will not intervene in the internal affairs of any member local Board/Association.

SECTION 3 - The M.I.S.O.A. may hold hearings on internal conflicts of any member local Board/Association if request is made to the M.I.S.O.A. in writing by the President and Secretary of such member Boards/Associations. The M.I.S.O.A. will render its observations, recommendations, and/or decisions as requested by such Boards/Associations. Should there be a conflict between Boards/Associations in the M.I.S.O.A., the member Board/Association will be granted the same consulting services by the M.I.S.O.A. All parties concerned shall make a request for conflict resolution in writing. Findings of the M.I.S.O.A. shall be valid and binding only if prior agreement of such exists between/among all Boards/Associations concerned.


SECTION 1 - There shall be three annual meetings of the M.I.S.O.A. One held prior to the beginning of the season in conjunction with the M.I.A.A. preseason meeting, one prior to the state tournament, and one at the conclusion of the season but prior to May 1. A simple majority of the Executive Board members must be present for a quorum.

SECTION 2 - Special meetings of the Executive Board of the M.I.S.O.A.may be called by the President upon request of a member of the Executive Board of the M.I.S.O.A. Adequate written notice of at least seven days shall be given. A simple majority of the Executive Board members must be present for a quorum for a special meeting.

SECTION 3 - All meetings of the M.I.S.O.A. are open to any state soccer official that wants to attend as a guest of an Executive Board member. Guests do not have a voting privilege.


SECTION 1 - All parliamentary business shall be governed by Roberts Rules of Order (newly revised).



    SECTION 1 - Motions to amend this Constitution and Bylaws must be approved by a majority vote of the M.I.S.O.A. Executive Board at one meeting and voted on at the next meeting.

    SECTION 2 - Amendments to this Constitution and Bylaws shall require a two-thirds (2/3) vote of the full Executive Board membership. Votes will be tabulated by the Secretary-Treasurer.

    Current Member Local Boards/Associations are:
    Berkshire County Soccer Officials Association
    Cape Cod Soccer Officials Association
    Central Massachusetts Soccer Officials Association
    Connecticut Valley Soccer Officials Association
    Eastern Massachusetts Soccer Officials Association
    Pioneer Valley Soccer Officials Association
    Whaling City Soccer Officials Association