Rules, as taken from MIAA’s Rules and Regulations Governing Athletics, July 2013 – June 2015:
77. Soccer
77.1 Soccer will be played under the rules of the National Federation of State High School Associations with the following modifications.
77.1.1 Any red or yellow card issued to a high school player/coach must be reported on the MIAA Soccer Roster and Score Sheet and also entered on-line in the Members Only section of the MIAA website.
77.1.2 The official time of the contest may be kept on a scoreboard timer or on a sideline table when competing teams mutually agree, or as directed by a league/conference.
77.1.3 Shin guards must be worn by all players during contests and practices.
77.1.4 Soccer players are not allowed to wear shoes with metal cleats, or any metal on the cleat.
77.1.5 Mouth guards are highly recommended for all soccer players while on the field.
77.1.6 The home team shall wear white or light jerseys and socks, and the visiting team shall wear dark jerseys and socks (which maintains the current 2010-11 NF Rule indefinitely).
77.2 Sportsmanship
77.2.1 All leagues/conferences must conduct a pre-season meeting for all head soccer coaches to review sportsmanship goals and objectives.
77.2.2 Regarding “incidental” use of vulgar or profane language, the referee must caution (yellow card) a player/coach who uses incidental vulgar or profane language.
77.2.3 All yellow cards must be treated consistently.
77.2.4 Any player who receives a yellow card shall be replaced and shall not re-enter the contest until the next opportunity for substitution occurs.
77.2.5 A player committing a second yellow card infraction in the same contest receives a red card. There are no exceptions.
77.2.6 Any player who receives a red card is ejected from the contest and shall be suspended from further participation for the next two contests; if a player receives a second red card within the same season, the player is suspended from further participation in that contest and the next two contests.
77.2.7 The receipt of two red cards for fighting or for flagrant unsportsmanlike behavior in the same season will result in a one year suspension (from the date of the second offense) in all Fall sports.
77.2.8 Any team whose players/coaches receive collectively a total of more than four red cards during the regular season shall not qualify for the MIAA tournament. (see page 96 for appeal process).
77.2.9 After a combination of five red cards, subsequent violations will result in a team forfeiture of the next MIAA contest. These penalties will carry over to the next season should the violation occur in the final contest of the season.
77.2.10 Any team whose players receive collectively more than three fighting penalties during the regular season shall not qualify for the MIAA tournament. (see page 96 for appeal process).
77.2.11 Any player who receives a third yellow card in a season shall be suspended from the next contest; a fourth yellow card and subsequent yellow cards in a season shall result in suspension for two contests.
77.2.12 A coach who receives a third yellow card in a season shall be suspended from coaching the next two contests. A fourth yellow card in a season shall result in a one year suspension.
77.2.13 A coach who receives a red card shall be suspended from coaching for the next two contests. If a coach receives a second red card in a season, that contest is immediately forfeited in addition to the coach being disqualified for one year.
77.2.14 A deliberate (intentional) handball to prevent a ball from entering the goal is a red card offense. However, the offender will be suspended from the remainder of that contest and only the next regularly scheduled contest.
77.2.15 Any varsity team exceeding four red or thirteen yellow cards also must assign a contest manager other than a coach to away contests, as well as for all home contests (as required by Rule 77.2.21). This rule pertains to both boys and girls soccer, and to contests played at all levels.
77.2.16 For purposes of obtaining tournament eligibility, no team may exceed a four red or thirteen yellow cards during the regular season. Delay of game encroachment and deliberate (intentional) handball are infractions, which will continue to be enforced and penalized. The impact of these infractions will be assessed and will be considered towards tournament ineligibility. (see page 96 for appeal process).
77.2.17 Any team whose players/coaches receive collectively five (5) yellow and/or red cards in a contest will result in immediate termination of the contest, and result in forfeiture by the offending team.
77.2.18 Game officials must complete the infraction section of the MIAA score sheet for all infractions at all levels. Each school must forward to the MIAA all Girls and Boys VARSITY score sheets where infractions are reported. (Sub-varsity level score sheets should be filed and maintained at the local level).
77.2.19 Game officials will not receive compensation unless they remain present at the conclusion of the soccer contest until the student athlete handshake is completed and the MIAA score sheet is properly executed.
77.2.20 After four player/coach fighting or flagrant unsportsmanlike behavior disqualification’s, each subsequent disqualification received by a team will result in forfeiture of the next contest.
77.2.21 For all boys’ varsity soccer contests, the home team must assign an adult contest manager, other than a member of the soccer coaching staff, to be responsible for all aspects of administration of the contest.
77.2.22 If any coach (head coach or assistant coach) is ejected from a contest, the contest shall be terminated and forfeiture will result.
77.2.23 The MIAA Taunting Policy must be reviewed by game officials with the captains and coaches in a meeting before each soccer contest.
77.2.24 Each team will be allowed a one-minute time out per half and each extended time period. The time-out may be called by the coach or any player on the field during an offensive restart.
77.3 Length of Contests:
77.3.1 Contests shall consist of four 18-minute quarters, two 36-minute halves, or two 40-minute halves